We ship to any address in the continental United States. Because our products are perishable and require special shipping, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you are available to receive your product at the address selected on the first delivery attempt.

When you place an order, we will estimate shipping costs from FedEx and UPS for you depending on your location. But, please note that we only ship on Tuesdays. All orders placed after 12 PM EST on Tuesday will ship the following week.

If you need your package to arrive on a specific day, please Contact Us before placing your order and we'll try our best to accommodate your request. 


Are you a DMV local and want to pick up your order and save on shipping? No problem! We offer pickup at our headquarters in Landover, MD and at Ivy and Coney in DC (1537 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001). In the comments section of your order, please let us know what day you would like to pick up your order and we'll have it ready to go for you.





  • What sets Epic Curing apart from the rest? 

           Epic Curing was founded by and for people who love amazing cured and smoked meats. We don't skimp on ingredients, cut corners and we               don't use anything but the best. We're a very small team that lives and breathes making excellent meats. We rather wax poetic about the                 perfect way to smoke pastrami than have all of the riches in the world. It might sound cliche, but everything at Epic Curing is a true labor of             love. And we think you can really taste that in every bite.

  • Do you use organic meats? Are they local?

         The availability of organic and local meats is a constant challenge for us, as farmers raising animals that are certified organic represent an                 infinitesimal percentage of the market. Every one of our meat sources raises their animals humanely and sustainably, and we're working hard           to expand our organic offerings.

  • What's your favorite thing that you make?

           You want us to choose between our children? Really?*

  • I hear nitrates and nitrites are bad for me. Is that true?

           Like anything, it's best to enjoy everything in moderation. While some research shows that excessive consumption of nitrates isn't great for               you, humanity has been curing meats for preservation for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The reason they're used is that they inhibit               bacterial growth and keep meat fresh longer. And along the way, we found out that they make things like pork belly and brisket extra tasty.               Also, nitrates are actually a naturally occurring compound and can be found in celery, salad greens, cabbage, turnips and spinach, for                       example.

  • I buy "uncured" bacon, because it's healthier. Why don't you guys make it?

           Uncured bacon is a gimmicky marketing term that gets thrown around a lot at health food stores. The reality is those products are actually               almost 100% of the time cured. It's just they use naturally occurring nitrates (such as those found in celery salt). Chemically, there's                       absolutely zero difference. In our experience, we've experimented with using celery salt to cure our products and find they lead to an                       inconsistent product. 



Returns Policy

Please note that sales are final. If you are not happy with the quality of the product you received, we want to hear from you (Contact Us). We'll work with you to ensure that not only are you happy, but that your stomach is full delicious, cured meat.



*Fine, it's pastrami. It's just really, really good. Just don't tell the other meats.