Pastrami Fat Fries OMG

What do you do when you smoke thousands of pounds of pastrami and you're left with gallons of rendered fat? We now have the answer: PASTRAMI FAT FRIES. Chris and Jeb cooked what is now the gold standard of french fries at our Epic End of Summer event with Ivy and Coney last week. Imagine the best fries you've had in your life and add in the smokey, peppery goodness of pastrami. The dish is nothing short of a revelation. 

Now, our biggest problem is not having enough rendered fat (or backup arteries) to make these all the time. Life is tough, but we will continue the struggle. In the meantime, look for the pastrami fries to return in DC in the near future. Who knows, maybe we'll even jar this golden delicious concoction up and sell it directly to you on this website?

You'd think our friend Angel had just won the lottery :)