Holiday Hams!

How to Make a Better Ham

Thanksgiving and Festivus and Christmas, oh my! We are nearing the holidays. At Epic Curing we've been working hard to perfect the crown jewel of many a family's dinner table, the holiday ham. And we did, twice over.

The Best Damn Ham

We thought our ham as it is right now was pretty great, but we thought, "Why stop there?" So over the last few months we've been tweaking spices and our smoking method here and there. But still, we need more cowbell. So we brought in a couple of heavy hitters to bring it home. First, we decided we'd make two levels of hams for the holidays: our classic ham and a new super premium ham. We thought the District Ham couldn't be beaten until Roberto from Happy Family Ranch brought us some of his family's handiwork.

Suffice it to say, the Melendez Family make the finest pork any of us have ever tasted anywhere in the world. And the hams! the hams! Red as tuna, big as a house, flavorful as can be, these beauties are truly remarkable. Their award winning pigs took our taste buds to Happy Town. Happy Family pasture-raises their pigs on a 125-acre farm outside of Midland, Va. Combined with our low-and-slow smoking, these hams truly become something else. Supply is SUPER LIMITED, so if you want a taste of pork heaven, act quickly and follow the link below

Roberto with his Father, Sister and Mom. In 2012, they started this farm as a hobby with a few pet goats. But quickly, it became a family business that has won them many accolades and prizes. Besides all of that, they also happen to be the nicest people ever. Please help us support great, local farmers.