Epic End of Summer

Epic Curing is proud to present the Epic End of Summer tour! What better way to celebrate than by eating cured, smokey meats and washing them down with local, craft booze? We've been working for years to make you the tastiest meats on the planet. And to launch this pastrami party, we're partnering with our friends at some of DC's finest craft beer, cider, and spirit producers. So if you're local to us in the Washington, DC area, we'd love to see you soon. There will be meat. There will be booze. There will be lots of fun.

Every stop of the tour will include free samples, delicious sandwiches and snacks, swag giveaways, and the chance to win a year’s supply of Epic Curing meats. Each location will focus on a different cured product, but the entire lineup will be available to sample and for purchase in retail packs. The extended launch party begins Monday, August 20th at Ivy and Coney with an Industry Night for the area’s chefs, bartenders, foodies, pastrami aficionados, and bacon lovers. All fans of cured meats are welcome! Every following Saturday will see the party move to a

Did we mention that there'll be FREE pastrami? and FREE bacon? and FREE ham?

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