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District Ham- Whole Piece

We take the finest fresh hams from Vande Rose farms, wet cure them in our secret blend of spices, and then hot smoke it over hickory and fruitwoods. What comes out is the essence of pork. Pure, porky goodness. Duroc Pork, brown sugar, salt, spices,...
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Happy Family Ranch Premium Ham

We thought our ham as it is right now was pretty great, but we thought, "Why stop there?" So over the last few months we've been tweaking spices and our smoking method here and there. But still, we need more cowbell. So we brought in a couple of heavy...

Pastrami- Whole

This bad boy is the whole shebang, a beautiful whole brisket in all of its glory. Cured for two weeks in classic pickling spices, then coated in our black-pepper heavy spice blend, and finally smoked all day. George Costanza called this the most sensual...
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